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My Design Process

A short video story about my design process. I shot and digitally edited the video using my Sony Camcorder and Adobe Premiere.

Mid-City CAN Interview

An informational interview with Jose Cervantes done for the non-profit organization, Mid-City CAN, where I both shot and digitally edited the video using a digital camcorder and Adobe Premiere.

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Dynamic Africa Blog

Dynamic Africa offers vibrant and colourful celebration of the continent and its visual culture. Functioning as a diverse platform for all things African and/or African-related, this Tumblr blog puts a positive spin on a part of the world often portrayed in a negative light. READ MORE

Inspire me now Blog

Describing it as a blog for 'unconventional thinking and design', Błaszczyk regularly updates his site with the out-of-the-ordinary. READ MORE

The Perfect Grid

The Perfect Grid showcases beautifully-arranged websites, apps and UI elements, and it's curated by Clement, a graphic designer and art director based in Paris. READ MORE

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