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Multimedia Screens

Here are a few screens from a self-promotional interactive CD I made to promote my graphic design skills. All artwork was done using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Director and my own original illustrations which were scanned using my own flatbed scanner.

Baseball Screen

For a more detailed look at my Baseball Screen: Baseball Game Screen

Scared Face Screen

For a more detailed look at my Hell Planet Screen: Hell Planet Screen

Self Portrait Screen

For a more detailed look at my Self Portrait Screen: Selp Portrait Screen

About this project

This interactive CD I designed and created in the mid 1990's was authored using Macromedia Director. The purpose for the CD was to demonstrate my skills in Illustration, Animation, Graphics and Interactive TV development.

Project Main Screen

This project was done during the same period I was employed at NTN Communications Inc. I worked there for over 3 years as a Graphic Designer creating multi-player interactive broadcast games for hospitality businesses. This project was completed prior to knowledge of web development. For a more detailed look at the Opening Screen: Opening Screen

Project Selection Screen

To view a complete set of my artwork, please visit my online Flickr Portfolio site:

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