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How 2 Draw Website

I built this website as a student project for my first HTML/CSS class taken at the San Diego Continuing Education Department. I'm including it here because it was the first full website where I handcoded everything from scratch. By looking at it, you can see how much further my coding skills have progressed. You can also see how I was able to develop my own original content and graphics.

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I have taken a multitude of web design classes at the San Diego Continuing Education Department. The classes are all free and they helped to keep my technical skills current and up to date. I recently completed phase 1 of a Front-End Web Design Certificate Program and I will complete phase 2 in January, 2017.

To see a limited working version of the website, please click on this link:-- How to Draw Website --

About Website

Since my Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University is in art, I decided to create this instructive website on the fundamentals of drawing. I created my own content and use my own original illustrations as examples. I created the site’s masthead by hand drawing it and scanning it with my flatbed scanner. I included a YouTube link to a self-promotional video I created. I filmed, directed, and edited this short film using my personal Hi8 camcorder and Adobe Premiere software. I also hand coded all the HTML. Below are samples of two screen shots from this website. To experience a limited working version, please click here: – How to Draw Website –

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Above you can see a screen shot of the Introduction page with my original drawings.

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Above you can see what the About Earl page looks like with my original artwork.

To view a complete set of my artwork, please visit my online Flickr Portfolio site:

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