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How Convenient Campaign

During my 4 year employment with Kisco Senior Living, I worked as a Senior Graphic Designer in their Marketing Department where I was responsible for creating and producing all printed collateral marketing materials.

How Convenient Insert

My duties at Kisco included designing, producing and shipping marketing materials to 27 retirement communities throughout the U.S. that were owned and managed by Kisco Senior Living. I worked closely with outside vendors to produce and publish materials such as flyers, postcards, newspaper ads, posters and large banners.

--For a more detailed look: How Convenient Newspaper Insert

About Campaign

This campaign was developed to demonstrate the conveniences found by living in one of Kisco's retirement communities. This campaign was designed to be easily tailored to fit any of Kisco’s 27 retirement communities. This campaign was used for newspaper ads and inserts, flyers and postcards.

How Convenient Postcard Front

Above is a large 2-sided and self-mailing postcard. To see a more detailed version, click here: Large Postcard

How Convenient Postcard Back

This is the backside of the above postcard.

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