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ePay Marketing Campaign

During my 3 year employment with Wasatch Premier Communities, I worked as an Online Marketing Specialist where I was responsible for all online marketing and communications.

ePay Contest Flyer

I was responsible for creating and updating their corporate website and 67 individual apartment landing pages. I developed video and graphic assets used to promote the website and inform residents and prospects about the apartment community. I also updated web content and maintained all social media websites.

--For a more detailed look: ePay Flyer:

About Campaign

This campaign was developed to inform current residents of the benefits of using the website to make rent payments and process all other financial transactions. I designed the campaign logo and used it on several marketing pieces such as postcards, flyers and web banners.

ePay Postcard

Above is a thumbnail of a small postcard that also came in a wallet size. To see a more detailed version, click here: Postcard

ePay Logo

Above is a full-color version of the logo I designed. To see a more detailed version, click here: ePay Logo

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