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Chocolate Fantasy Campaign

During my 4 year employment with Kisco Senior Living, I worked as a Senior Graphic Designer in their Marketing Department where I was responsible for creating and producing all printed collateral marketing materials.

Chocolate Fantasy Flyer

I was responsible for designing, producing and shipping marketing materials to 27 retirement communities throughout the U.S. that were owned and managed by Kisco Senior Living. I worked closely with outside printers and publishers to produce materials such as flyers, postcards, newspaper ads, posters and large banners.

--For a more detailed look, click on this link: Chocolate Fantasy Flyer

About Campaign

This campaign was developed for a Valentine’s Day promotional event where residents and prospects were invited to visit the property for a special celebration that included a chocolate fountain bar, entertainment and a community tour. This was an annual event which required the use of self-mailing postcards and flyers. I also created a special welcoming poster and banner using this same layout and concept.

Chocolate Fantasy Postcard

Above is a thumbnail of a large 2-sided and self-mailing postcard. To see a more detailed version, click here: Postcard

Chocolate Fantasy Postcard 2

Above is a thumbnail of a postcard using an alternative design theme. To see a more detailed version, click here:Alternative Postcard

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