earls art
Earl in black suit


Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. The purpose of this site is to introduce myself and to share with you some information about my experiences, achievements and interest. If you are considering offering me full-time employment, freelance jobs or maybe you're just plain curious about who I am, I hope you’ll find this website helpful. I am a trained graphic designer and the sample artwork below is a self-portrait I drew using Adobe Illustrator. It was for a class project where I created my own Earl Jackson stamp. It is a 100% vector drawing where I used no tracing tools. You’ll see more examples of my art on my Portfolio page in the menu bar at the top.

earl portrait in a postage stamp

Here are a few topics you’ll learn about me after visiting this website:

▪ My background and early education
▪ Samples of my videos
▪ Links to my social media
▪ Artwork samples
▪ Frequently asked questions
▪ How to contact me
▪ View my featured artwork

Featured Artwork

Here I am on a 2002 cover of In-Plant Graphics magazine along with other senior staff members of the City of San Diego’s Print Shop. I worked there for 4 years as a Multimedia Production Coordinator where I developed and produced online and printed graphic assets used by the city council and other city departments.

In-Plant Magazine Cover

The original article was about the multitude of printing services offered by the City of San Diego’s Print Shop. It described the process of how we developed printing jobs from concept to completion. You can read the original article by clicking on the link below.

--IN-PLANT GRAPHICS, February, 2002--